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Whole Health Medical Solutions

Your source for healthcare in Thousand Oaks, California At Whole Health Medical Solutions, our doctors and healthcare staff are dedicated to improving your overall health through functional and preventative medicine as well as natural wellness programs. Our team is composed of medical doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners and licensed massage therapists who work together to develop effective treatment plans.

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Physical Rehabilitation

As leaders in the field, our physiotherapists have undergone extensive training on both function and movement. Thanks to their expertise, they are able to accurately access your current injury.

Medical Pain Relief

Too many people live in pain without seeking the care they need. At Whole Health Medical Solutions, our inter-disciplinarian team provides a number of treatment options designed to stop pain at its source.

Chiropractic Care

Many people believe that their chiropractors only treat back pain. However, chiropractic care can be used to effectively treat a whole range of conditions. Because the spinal column houses the nervous system

Weight Loss Programs

Losing weight can be challenging for many people—there are a number of health-related factors that play a role in your body’s metabolism. That’s why Whole Health Medical Solutions provides medical weight loss services to our patients.


What Patients Say at Whole Health Medical Solutions

  • I am now in the third week of my treatment, and the improvement in my low back pain has already been immense. I have nothing but gratitude and respect toward Dr Rosenthal and his team

  • Dr Rosenthal explained to me how they treat the whole body system, through education, nutrition, physical therapy, home exercise, and adjustments I feel great and would recommend for everyone to come to this wonderful place

  • Whole Health Medical Solutions are very professional, courteous and stay on the cutting edge of exceptional chiropractic care! We would never consider going to anyone else!

  • I have never felt better nor had more energy than in the past 2 years since I have been a patient. I look forward to each and every visit!

  • I realized after seeing my xrays how out of alignment I was. In just 3 months’ time my body is in much better alignment, I am feeling so much better and my body is under a lot less stress.

  • Since coming to Whole Health Medical Solutions I have not had vertigo and no tingling in my arms. My range of motion is much better.

  • At first I was skeptical about the benefits of this physical therapy, but I signed up for the treatments and feel so much better, and the x-rays show the huge improvement in my spine

  • They have a wonderful, clean, professional, and technically advanced facility. I have always felt like I was in very capable and knowledgeable hands with Dr Rosenthal and his staff.

  • I love the approach at Whole Health Medical Solutions, they really do promote the well being of the whole body.

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